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be mindful.  be thankful.  



I created CLEAN CRUNCH as a substitute for nutritionally void toppings like croutons, or high-sugar candied almonds. 


My healthy kale or arugula was no longer doing it for me;  I needed substance and a bite to my salads.  Adding all organic ingredients such as, walnuts, almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, with a touch of unsweetened coconut flakes ...and ooh la la - pure delish! 


I leave a bag in my car to avoid impulsive empty eating.  I add it on top of my salmon or broiled chicken, or any sauteed veggie. I add it to my salads which satiates perfectly, and sometimes I even eat it as a bowl of cereal. 


And my kids love it, too! 


High in fiber, non-gmo, vegan.  Calcium, magnesium, good omegas, selenium.  No more nutritionally-void empty calories.

Just great taste, good nutrition, a happy palate and peace of mind!

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