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Top Tough Mudder Breakfast Ideas

The top fitness experts agree that the best way to fuel up before a big event like the Tough Mudder, you’ve got to have the right kind of breakfast. That means it’s got to be hearty, but easy to digest. And it absolutely cannot sit heavy in your gut- or else you’re courting a serious bellyache.

What you need is light protein to carry the day and easy to digest carbs for long lasting energy. So, the team here at Clean Crunch in Watchung, NJ came up with a few ideas.


  • Kiwi-blueberry shake,

  • Banana shake

  • Gluten free Oatmeal

  • Peanut Butter Sandwich

  • Greek Yoghurt With Fruit And Granola Or Wholegrain Toast

  • Tofu And Avocado On Toast

These might not sound ground-breaking, but take our word- ground-breaking isn’t what you want before a long, tough event.

For more ideas, give Clean Crunch a jingle. We’re pretty sure we’ve got what you’re looking for.

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