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So Many Reasons to Eat Clean: Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Let’s go on a journey, shall we? It’s a Monday morning- or the morning of whatever day is the busiest for you- and you’re starving. You need to eat something that will get you though, won’t bring you down around 9:45 am, and won’t kick you out of ketosis. And you’ll be boiled in oil if you’re going to eat another rice cake. Alright, so what are your options?

In reality, your options are just about unlimited. You just need the right ingredients and the right recipes for a terrific vegan breakfast that’s keto friendly, vegan friendly, and that won’t leave you wishing you had lower standards.

Well, if you gave us a minute, here at Clean Crunch in Watchung, NJ – we could whip you up something cool and fruity in a heartbeat. ‘Like what’ you ask? Well, how about like these;

  • Cheesy vegan potato casserole

  • Vegan breakfast casserole/strata

  • Vegan cornbread casserole

  • Vegan veggie breakfast burrito

  • Chickpea vegan breakfast burrito

  • Healthy vegan breakfast burritos

  • Cucumber avocado toast

  • Green pea and kale spread

  • Homemade vegetarian baked beans

  • Seedy hummus toast

  • Fluffy vegan pancakes

  • Vegan French toast

  • Flourless pumpkin muffins

  • No-bake cookie dough energy bites

  • DIY no-bake chewy granola bars

  • Strawberry-infused quinoa breakfast cereal

  • 10-minute cinnamon raisin brown rice breakfast porridge

  • The “Zen” quinoa bowl

  • Vegan chickpea omelet

  • Vegan breakfast eggs

  • Vegan fried “eggs”

  • Quick apple sweet potato hash

Now, honestly, with options like these doesn’t a conventional breakfast menu look like salted offal by comparison? Here at Clean Crunch, shaking folks out or their dietary doldrums is all in a day’s work.

So you can stop searching the web for “Vegan Keto Near Me.” Because we’ve got everything you need to kick your mornings off right.

Do your tummy a favor. Give Clean Crunch a call.

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